Becric App (.apk)

Initially released in 2013, the Becric app has seen several updates since then, including the introduction of sports betting. In its nine years online, the website has attracted over 1.5 million users, and that figure continues to rise daily.

This further solidifies its position as a market leader. The Becric application’s operations in the betting services industry are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, proving that they are open, legitimate, and safe for customers.

The full suite of features offered by the platform is incorporated within the app’s functionality. It runs smoothly because it was created by experts in the field. There are special offers and bonuses for first-time users.

becric app

Customer support can be contacted through email and a phone number found in the mobile app, but only if the FAQs don’t cover all your queries.

becric mobile app

Compared to similar apps, Becric is one of the most cutting-edge options available. If you’re trying to decide where to generate money online while having fun, it is sure to prove helpful.

The app’s primary functions are:

  • Features such as a helpline;
  • Live and line modes;
  • A sleek and user-friendly interface;
  • A free gift for new users;
  • An online contact form for communication and more is at your disposal.

If you want to get the most out of your betting experience, download the Becric mobile app and use it on the go.

Download the Becric App for Android (APK)

When it comes to Android apps, the best-known developers back Becric. Discover a wide variety of the most well-liked games among Indian gamblers and cash in on them whenever and wherever you choose!

download becric app

Because the Becric team values its users, the software can run on any device. It’s free and easily downloadable, so it’s accessible to practically everybody. Check to see if your device can support the Becric app for download.

Becric APK File Size 3.1 MB
Cost (for the download) Free
Processor 1.2GHz
Supported Android Versions Android 4.5 or later

You need to install the mobile app on your smartphone to begin making full use of its features. Since the app is not yet accessible in the Play Market, you can do so by downloading it from the Becric app download link or by scanning the QR code on the homepage of the official site.

  1. To get the most up-to-date version of the Becric apk download, go to the website and click on the Android icon;
  2. This will allow you to see if your device will support it;
  3. Once you confirm, click on the download Becric apk button for the new version;
  4. Enable “Download from unknown sources” in your phone’s settings.

Installing the Becric App on Android

The Becric app’s easy-peasy installation on Android devices speaks for itself. If the download goes smoothly, you can move on to setting up the app.

You won’t have any issues with the download if you make sure that your phone has enough storage space for the file you want to download. The same holds true for the configuration of the space. In addition to this, you will be required to grant authorisation for the installation to be carried out.

install becric apk

It’s common for people to encounter issues during the download process, though. If you do, make sure that the version of Android you run is stable and that everything is functioning properly on your smartphone. If you’re not running the latest software, you can force an update via your device’s preferences.

Overall, you’ll enjoy the challenges you’re given and have the opportunity to collect handsome payouts, regardless of the wagers you place or the games you play. You will also get the Becric app update directly to the app itself.

Download the Becric App for iOS

Any action that can be performed on the main client is also supported by the app. The Becric casino app for iOS is not available in the App Store. You’ll have to download it through the official website. If the iOS app doesn’t launch, check the system requirements to determine if your device can handle it.

Installing the Becric app couldn’t be simpler than following the straightforward instructions provided upon download:

  1. Step 1: Go to the authorised portal on the main site. Navigate to the bookmaker’s official website using the link we provided you with on your iOS device.
  2. Step 2: Enter the Sign-up page. A registration button will appear; click it. Fill out the registration form by providing the requested information in each of the blank fields (name, surname, country, currency, etc.).
  3. Step 3: Obtain the latest version of the app via download. Choose an iOS device type under “Mobile Applications.” The shortcut will appear on your home screen after installation.

How to Install the Becric App on iOS

The description of the app includes the minimum technical requirements that are needed to run the app.

iOS Available Versions iOS 8.0 or later
Becric File Size, Memory Required 19.2 MB
RAM 1 GB +
Processor 1.2 GHz

The procedure for the Becric app download is uncomplicated. To do the straightforward activities that are listed here, all you really need is access to the Internet and a few spare minutes.

  1. Look for the downloaded file in your mobile device storage;
  2. You will have to give the phone an extra round of permission to be able to install a third-party application;
  3. Confirm your permissions and let the application install on your device, and voila!

After the installation is finished, the application will automatically begin running on its own. Running it is the best way to determine whether it is functional for you.

And there you have it! Enjoy the Becric app.

Registration on the Becric App

Earning money on Becric and accessing all the platform’s features requires signing up as a user. Please note that it is essential that all the information you provide during account registration be accurate and truthful before proceeding with the registration instructions.

registration becric app

To sign up for the Becric app, please refer to the following procedures.

  1. Access the app from your device’s home screen;
  2. Complete the registration by clicking the “Register” button and filling out the required fields. After you’ve filled out all the fields and accepted the terms of service, click “Complete.”
  3. You are now a registered user of the system, and you can check out the features and the app details.

However, it’s not done yet. The management will also ask you to submit the required documents for KYC verification. This takes around 6 – 48 hours, depending on various circumstances.

Once your account is verified, you will get an email with a link. Click on the link, log in, and play!

Login to the Becric App

Just as downloading and installing differ, registering and logging in are also distinct. If you want to place bets, play casino games, access your account, etc., you’ll need to log in.

login becric mobile app

Keep your username and password close.

  1. Go to the main website of the Becric bookmaker;
  2. Following this, you’ll see a “Sign in” button appear to the right of the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the website;
  3. Third, fill in the registration form with any information that was left out;
  4. To log in, simply click the login button and enter your username and password in the new window that opens;
  5. Let them know you’re not a bot;
  6. Enter your Becric credentials and press Enter.

Once you’ve followed these procedures, the app will sign you in immediately. If you forget your password but still need access to it, you can do so by clicking the “Forgot password” link and following the on-screen instructions.

Don’t forget to claim your free gift from Becric if this is your first Becric app login!

Online Casino on the Becric App

The gambling action on the Becric casino app is thrilling. Service providers promise that their games will run faultlessly on a wide selection of platforms. Indian users of this app have the exciting choice of participating in a live casino too. In the live casino portion of Becric, players can engage in live interaction with actual people. They facilitate gameplay and enable players to compete against a dealer.

To maximise your winnings, however, you should verify any available incentives for your game of choice and read any applicable fine print.

There is a vast selection of sports available, but customers should keep in mind that the more prominent ones are among the most popular in India.

  • Kabaddi;
  • Football;
  • Tennis;
  • And Hockey are all open for wagering, among others.

A large selection of wagers covering a wide range of possible outcomes will be available for every match. You can wager on games at any time, including before and during play on the app. Importantly, the platform also allows customers to watch games live.

How to Make a Deposit

For both deposits and withdrawals, modern punters can use credit cards and electronic wallets at Becric. Common financial services and straightforward payment options are readily available through Becric. This, of course, is because they cater specifically to Indian customers, and therefore they need to include a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options that are practical for Indian players.

With regards to the application, it has a special feature: easy deposits. No other online betting app provides this.

To make a deposit, go to the site or its official mobile app and tap the Deposit button.

  1. Click the Quick payments tab and enter the desired payment amount;
  2. Simply launch the payment app, verify the deposit, and then proceed with the on-screen prompts to finalise the transaction;
  3. Your deposit will be reflected shortly after you refresh your balance.

FAQ Becric App

How can I download the Becric mobile app?

Visit the official website and either click on the link provided for Android and iOS or scan the QR code to download the application onto your mobile device directly.

How can I install the Becric mobile app?

Make sure you have the necessary mobile specifications to download the app. Once you’ve downloaded the app file on your Android or iOS device, give your phone permission to install third-party applications and complete the installation.

How do I start playing at the Becric online casino?

There are three steps to playing on the Becric casino app. Register, complete the KYC verification, log in, and finally, deposit funds into your account to start playing.

How can I bet on sports?

On the app, head over to the sports section. Select your sport of choice and the match you want to place your wager on. Make sure your account has sufficient funds to bet, pick your odds and place your bet.

How do I top up my balance?

Go to the banking section on your Becric casino app. Select the deposit option, find your deposit method of choice, enter how much you want to fund your account with, and click confirm.